Since it's cool and moist, an ice machine can be the ideal spot for bacteria and mold to form. The bacteria can be pink, eventually changing colors to red, green, brown and black. Ropes of slime hanging from the ice machine can potentially drop into customers' drinks, resulting in some very unhappy people.


Ice Queen uses a Commercial Cleaner which contains specific acids allowing for proper and safe cleaning. We disassemble the unit and individually clean every part with the same cleaner. After a thorough rinsing, we reassemble your machine and proceed to Sanitize the unit. Once the unit is cleaned and sanitized, our technician stays on site to observe that the machine is running correctly and will make any needed adjustments.

For our restaurant owners, keeping your ice machine clean is extremely important for the health and safety of your customers. If you notice that the size of ice cubes is smaller than normal, or the ice is soft, mushy or cloudy, these are indications that an ice machine is overdue for cleaning.

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